About us

APT.4B is more than just a clothing brand - it is a creative concept store that immerses consumers in the raw elements of street culture. Founded in 2013 as a visual installation art pop-up shop, APT.4B was officially launched as a brand and concept store in 2015 by Monique and Moon, two innovative and creative partners.
 The APT.4B Concept Shop is a physical manifestation of the brand's message and a tribute to the era that inspired it. The shop is designed to look like a New York city 90’s era apartment, with different rooms and scenes that reflect the birthplace of street culture in the late 80s and 90s. It was in these spaces where music, fashion, and lifestyle were discussed and analyzed, and it is this era that APT.4B seeks to pay homage to.
In addition to the Concept Shop, APT.4B also created the "APT.4B Window Project" as a way to showcase its collaborations and product releases. Every quarter, the storefront is themed to tell the story of a particular collaboration or product, giving viewers an in-depth look at the idea and inspiration behind each project.
Since its official launch as a brand and concept store in 2015, APT.4B has collaborated with a number of high-profile artists and brands, solidifying its place as a unique and respected player in the industry.

APT.4B's collaborations have included iconic names like Jay-Z and Bad Boy Records, as well as Shirt King Phade, Chicago creative Reggie Know, Griselda Records, Fila, and Dominican artist Tony Peralta. Most recently, APT.4B has partnered with Adidas to create a shoe that reflects the brand's innovative and authentic approach to streetwear.

These collaborations are a testament to APT.4B's commitment to honoring our roots while pushing boundaries and challenging expectations. By working with a diverse array of artists and brands, APT.4B has been able to showcase the versatility and adaptability of street fashion, and create products that are not only stylish but meaningful.